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Handmade Green Tea with Tusli, 80g


Introducing “Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea” – A Gift from Nature for Your Well-Being!

At Assam Keteki Tea, we’re excited to introduce our latest creation, the Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea. This extraordinary fusion embodies our commitment to providing you with a tea experience that’s not only delightful but also beneficial for your overall wellness.



Crafted with Care: Our green tea is meticulously handcrafted, with each leaf chosen for its quality and purity. This artisanal approach ensures that every cup of Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea is a reflection of our dedication to excellence.

Aromatherapy in a Cup: Upon unsealing the package, you’ll be greeted by a captivating aroma that transports you to a serene garden. The soothing fragrance of Tulsi mingles with the earthy essence of green tea, creating an enticing bouquet that prepares your senses for a calming tea experience.

Pure and Wholesome: Sourced from the pristine tea estates of Assam, our green tea is free from artificial additives, and the Tulsi infusion is entirely natural. This combination ensures the authenticity of the ingredients and a pure tea-drinking experience.

Wellness in Every Sip: Green tea is celebrated for its numerous health benefits, while Tulsi is revered for its holistic properties. Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea offers a harmonious blend that not only tastes great but also nurtures your body and spirit.

Taste Harmony: The infusion of Tulsi adds a refreshing herbal note to the green tea’s gentle sweetness, creating a harmonious and revitalizing flavor profile. It’s a combination that helps you find balance and rejuvenation in every cup.

Versatility at its Best: Whether you sip it hot and comforting in the morning or relish it as an invigorating iced tea on a sunny day, Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea adapts to your preferences and occasions, making it a perfect companion for all seasons.

Sustainable and Ethical: Our commitment to sourcing ingredients responsibly ensures that your tea experience has a positive impact on the environment and the communities involved in its cultivation.

More than a Tea: Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea is more than just a product; it’s an invitation to discover the healing power of nature and to create moments of connection with those who appreciate the value of exceptional tea.

Experience Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea, where nature’s goodness and the expertise of craftsmanship unite in every sip. It’s a tea that encourages you to embrace the holistic benefits of Tulsi while enjoying the pure essence of green tea. Assam Keteki Tulsi-Infused Handcrafted Green Tea is your gateway to a new level of tea enjoyment, where well-being and indulgence come together, one cup at a time.

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Weight 80 g